Experienced Dog Trainer in Winston-Salem, NC

My name is Brendan Shea and since 2016 I have worked with many pet, law enforcement, and sport canines. I am devoted to creating the ultimate bond with the canine and owner through a happy, well-behaved dog. I provide the highest-quality training through a reward based system. I use a balanced training approach, while using marker training. This is the best method for your canine to learn and excel.

I provide private session packages and a board & train program at my home on 23 acres. I create a comfortable home-like environment to ensure success for you and your canine. Unlike most dog trainers, my services give 100% one-on-one time with your dog to personalize training and care. This means individual training catered to your dog’s needs instead of large classes that can be distracting for your dog. I take the time to understand your needs as a dog owner and the expectations that you want to fulfill with your canine.

My mission is to provide the best training, at the most reasonable price, while creating a happy, well-behaved, and confident canine.