No More Pulling

Deacon is a 16 month old Rottweiler/Doberman mix with an enormous heart bursting with play and love. As you can imagine, he is quite the big boy weighing in at 85lbs. Deacon loves everyone and everything which caused himself to get into some sticky situations sometimes, primarily with other dogs, because all he wanted to do was play. Being Deacon’s mother, I am guilty of babying him and treating him like he could do no wrong. In turn this caused Deacon to become very protective of myself which started to become an issue. For the sake of our family and household, we contacted Mr. Shea in hopes he could help correct some of Deacons behavioral issues.

“above and beyond our expectations”

Mr. Shea went above and beyond our expectations and we couldn’t have asked for better results. He trained Deacon to walk by my side without any pulling. Deacon also knows how to sit, stay, come, and lay down on command! Deacon also began to think my bed was his and wouldn’t let anyone else sleep in it, but Mr. Shea once again corrected that issue and we can honestly say life has never been better. We as a family are so thankful for what Mr. Shea has done for ourselves and highly recommend him to anyone.

Kasey M

Puppy Training

Shea-9 Dog Training provided phenomenal in-home obedience training for our new puppy, June. June is a brittney mix who was only 4 months old at the time of training. She had issues interacting properly with our young children and house guests (biting, jumping) and would not stay off our furniture. Brendan Shea (owner of Shea-9 Dog Training) was great in ‘training’ us as owners about what June needed to be happy, fulfilled and ultimately be an obedient member of the family. We literally saw results after the first session but he came back for an additional 4 sessions to help set us up for long term success.

“saw results after the first session”

The sessions were highly effective and a great value. I talked to other dog trainers who were 2x or 3x more expensive for fewer sessions, but a referral led me to Shea-9 Dog Training. I saved money and got exactly the results I wanted without having to go to an off-site facility like PetSmart, etc. All training was done in our home which made it convenient and less distracting for our dog. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for effective dog training in the comfort of your own home. We’re already planning on bringing Brendan back for more advanced training in the future when June is old enough. This is a no brainer investment for dog owners to ensure your pet is well behaved while improving your relationship with your dog.

Kevin B

Old Dog New Tricks

Tim and I adopted Duke, our eight year old Springer Spaniel when he was five. During his lifetime he has developed some bad habits due to our lack of knowledge in training dogs. Barking excessively and failing to follow simple commands are problems which have kept us from enjoying walks, outside patio dining, and socializing with him. We also want to enjoy traveling with him. Realizing these activities were going to continue to be difficult led us to seek professional help.

Brendan has taught Duke to follow basic commands and has helped him to improve his disruptive behavior in less than two weeks. We have benefited using the techniques we have been taught when walking with a leash. We realize the importance of following through with Duke’s training but there is no doubt he has developed a strong foundation for better behavior under Brendan’s watchful eye. It is very easy to see Brendan’s commitment to train dogs successfully.

“could not be happier”

He has an obvious and sincere love of dogs; a calming reassuring method of executing his plan; and a positive attitude that has brought out the best in Duke. Tim and I could not be happier and look forward to many wonderful trips as well as a more relaxed time with Duke at home. We are grateful to Brendan for his patience with Duke and would recommend him highly!!!

Tim & Gail M