Obedience Training

Training is customized to your expectations and what type of obedience behaviors that you want. The basic obedience curriculum includes: come, sit, down, stay and loose leash walking. Once these are mastered, your dog can progress in learning more complex behaviors. Obedience can either be taught during private sessions or during a board & train.

Behavior Modification

Does your dog have aggression towards other dogs or humans? Are you having trouble house training your puppy or dog? Is your dog scared or fearful towards certain stimuli? How about excessive barking or separation anxiety? Some other behavioral problems most commonly addressed but not limited to are, reactivity, jumping, door dashing, play biting. More serious behavioral problems will most likely need to be addressed during a board & train.

Board & Train

I charge $2,195 for my 4 week board & train program. The dog will learn on-leash and off-leash obedience in real world functional scenarios including how to sit, down, come, place, heel and wait at doorways. Having off-leash obedience is very functional for inside the house and outside exploring the world. This program comes with 2 free in-home sessions and unlimited amount of sessions at my location along with 2 (2 hour) go home sessions to teach you everything to ensure success with you and your dog.

Online Private Sessions (FaceTime or Skype)

During the first session I will meet you and your dog so I can implement a training method that meets your goals and expectations. The first session will last around 2 hours and will run $200 and additional sessions will be $100 and will last around an hour. During these sessions your dog will learn how to sit, down, heel, stay, come and place. Your dog will also learn how to do these behaviors in a calm state of mind and in real world scenarios. We can also address most behavioral problems during the sessions. You will definitely see results by the end of the first session.

Puppy Do's & Don'ts Private Class

Get on the right track with your puppy…We will cover potty training, crate training, confidence building, nipping, proper socialization, manners, and puppy obedience. This session will take place at my location on 23 acres and lasts around 2 hours which will run $200. I will also answer any questions you may have.

All training and services are customizable.

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